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there's no need to elaborate:
i can see the certainty in your widened eyes
and my own reflection,
still smaller, near to bursting.
you scraped aside sinews,
pulled together a pattering pulse
in hopes of habitation behind the sternum, you thought
you could love and be made whole.
time presses our lives into pages,
writes us into books,
lets us fade like fairytales.
when it snows, the world is white
but the sky is whiter.
the flakes look like soot drifting down.
the contrast from the bare-boned trees
burns into my retinas.
i blink (more)
your hands were always shaking.

was it a nervous habit? simply old age? i never knew. you'd falter chopping vegetables at the kitchen counter, tremble at the eye of a needle awaiting thread.
careful to look, careful to touch
swiveling gears
can be all too much
to the eager souls and their star-bright eyes
who don't really know
of time's icy lies (more)
you've heard of the heisenberg uncertainty principle, no?

we cannot measure precisely both the position and the velocity of a subatomic molecule without altering one or the other.  (photons of light will disrupt their paths, as will electrons from a scanning or transmission microscope.)

i spent basic-bitter summer hours
at the bottom of the pool
but the days were longer then.
i could weave sunlight into time or
stick the minutes together, tacky with chlorine and
melted popsicles. (more)
didn't do my homework
(oh horror of horrors!) -
and i forgot to wake up with smile painted on.
you forgot to smile at the flashbulb,
we're both comatose on our feet.
grit and mold and pale-fleshed toes,
the memories: 'piteous overthrows'
and shafts of light come streaming in
between squeaky boards; and claws so thin
they dart beneath the rotted door
find dirt and crumbs; dust moles, spores (more)
my very skin is made of expectations;
they venture to prevent my boundlessness
and instead contradict it all,
pushing me inwards,
expecting me to shoot up and out,
to rocket beyond the stars, to (more)
he was only an infant when he learned peek-a-boo through the  bars of his crib, and by five he knew: stillness was survival. most of the time, it was okay to speak, to smile, sparingly - but when the monsters came in fits, he would freeze.
first bell rings, and everyone in the hall is
light and sound and noise, sharp elbows
and scratches from ripped binders, and her hair is scraped back harshly into
an acute ponytail, a stark-savage facade.
but leave her alone, and evening fades to night: (more)
There were two more rocks in my hand, and half a dozen at the bottom of the pond I'd been skipping them on.

I would throw the first, you see, the sharper of the two. It would sluice into the water at an angle, the sharp edge of(more)
i don't feel i have to measure up to anybody; i just-- nobody can match inch for inch the proportions in their mind. my head wants me 300% worthwhile, giving 800% of my effort 120% of the day and i
can't (more)