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My lover and I talk about the “windows” of our souls. It’s pillow talk, but the best kind of pillow talk. Instead of a constant refrain of “I love you” or You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” I prefer the “windows of our souls”  being open to(more)
Fine wine and cheese get better with age. Some people do as well and some do not. I find that as I age I get more patient with some things and less with the stupidity and insensitivity of others. Time is no longer on my side and I find(more)
Are you among the truly living?
This sounds vaguely like something I've heard from the minister's pulpit.

Are you only truly living if you are "saved?"
According to some I am not among the saved (more)
Short candles remind me of drunken bacchanalias
and religious ceremonies; both of which I have participated in. Not at the same time of course, but separately.

Short candles stand as centurions at the outer edges of
who I am

At one end, the candles are short becau(more)
It's impossible to
backpedal on a bike,
in a life,
with words once out of your mouth
with cooking,
with singing a wrong note (more)
We first met you on a piece of fax paper sent from China, circa 1995 so it wasn't really a very decent photo. The thermal paper blurred your finer features but of the 10 such photos sent to us yours was the one we chose.
And how does one(more)
was right about

You were right to wait. She said she wasn’t interested in you in that way. You listened to the voice inside your head that said in a surprisingly clear voice, “Back off, be patient, this one is worth waiting for.”
So an intense(more)