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you always said that
words are mere symbols
and you never believe them

but when I say I love you (more)
I'm looking at you
and my heart is panicking
Something's gone away

It's the love for you
It all vanished! Vanished! But, (more)
the lights go off
and then I can see you in the dark
but, baby, I still can't figure out
if it's either because you radiate your own light
or you are the true form of the darkness
all this time (more)
October chokes me
because you used to breathe in
autumn air for me
don't doubt about me
willing to wait for you, dear
I've always been here
at night time
is when the moon cries
for the brief sight of the sun's smile
it's when the stars are appalled
by the moon's howls
because they so often thought, (more)
I cannot fall
in love, in life
I cannot fall

so when I met you,
I tripped (more)
raindrops wet the bricks
and thunders color the sky
with their lights
and up in the tower
the princess is still sleeping
ignoring the prince (more)
hazel orbs meet mine
then the time has no more role
I wish it would stop
because I see you
swallow down the "I love you"
so either do I
I truly believe
an impossibility
defines you the most
red lips spoke to me
with words as soft as velvet
but she is no you
I am a parrot
imprisoned by the feeling
called anxiety
it is
only a myth
created by your mind
to cope with the darkness
consuming him
rotting him (more)
It's 23.49 as I struggle to keep my eyes open. Eleven more minutes, a click on the send button, and I can sleep.