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West from here, just a few blocks.

When he said it, there was nothing ambiguous about his direction. He pointed in the same direction, which I would have characterized as "right" rather than West, but he was correct. He had finished eating 10 minutes before I had. H(more)
Corrections: what is typed after tequila and red wine, should, by virtue of it's genesis, be subject to heavy editing, if not outright prohibition. I said I was done with this all: the couch surfing, and the public-but-not posting, the loudmouthing, the self-doubt, and maybe even with friendship and(more)
My night was punctuated with misunderstandings, all of which were resolved in my favor. I went home more tired than the two drinks I'd consumed, feeling certain still that I would wake in the morning with a set of problems.
X says he will re-release his record by the end of summer, which he intends to convey as a joke to me and a serious announcement to Connie, who never saw it the first time, when it was packaged in a blue jewel case with an Avery label bearing(more)
This new guy works in a shipyard. I don't know what he does there, really, and I probably won't get around to asking. He says the word "hoist" more frequently than most people I know.

My sister's house is already too hot, but I cannot complain about the(more)
Just before the realization that we are not going to be here much longer, I trip over the threshold that I have safely navigated over for the past nine months. The first week that we moved in, I had to watch my step, because the builder that made this(more)
And now everyone in the room is sad.

My aunt said that her son was in his room, "waist-high in tissues," but that he would come out in a while, which he did, and he didn't look at me, but he walked to the stove and ladled sou(more)
When we were in fifth grade, we found one another after Christmas. Two quiet children at different table groups, we had not crossed paths in the first months of the school year. After the winter break, we returned to our classroom and found things rearranged. Where my desk had(more)
Things were soft between us, placid. We had come to the point when we expected that we knew what the other was thinking, and even when we were wrong it turned out to be not so different. Everything almost matched up, and that was good enough.
In the morning he found my tabs all open, and I was still tangled in the quilt. It seemed unfair, he said. I said: I know it is. He asked why I did this, what I needed to say without my own face attached to it, and I mentioned(more)
"Now. Right down what that tastes like to you."

I'd just tasted my third white, and I was supposed to note what tasted like stone fruit and what tasted like minerals, and the man behind the counter had rhetorically asked whether we expected to be encountering tannic flavors(more)
It was somewhere near the airport, I think. Why would you take me there? It wasn't a first date: it was a second meeting, but it felt different, and I was still the kind of young woman who was, perhaps, looking for significance in locations.
My foot was propped up on a rock and the water splashed the underside of my leg. I found service on the far edge of a stream, a weak signal but one that was sufficient to carry light missiles out of my palm and onto your lap. I had(more)
Yesterday Jordan asked if I would play chess with him. I've never learned how to play chess, but I thought that since he is six that I could learn from him and I could cheat if I needed too. His mother walked down to the river, toddler on hip,(more)
This was my mother's advice to my sister when she got engaged: Keep the Lines of Communication Open.

I imagined wires attached to switches, operated by men in uniforms at the bases of wooden poles. They would synchronize their efforts on the count of three; suddenly the wire(more)