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she opened up to me that night like a old torn book
mouth twitching in anxiety when she first uttered a word
secrets tumbled out like dead men from graves
like water rushing out from a tiny gap in the wall (more)
Hey darling,
are you sleeping tonight?
your mind is too weary
your eyes open shocked and wide
maybe you will feel a bit better
if you exhale it out, (more)
Do you see them standing arrogant and proud? Their clothes shine, mouths are sketched with half smirks. People come to them, shake hands, sing praises. Their hair gleam gold as they bask in the glory of their selves. The world is full of them because it is made of(more)
out into the sun i am
for now my
eyes aren't
engineered for so much light (more)
That box was chock full of things. Dainty china cups with chipped edges lay carelessly among the wreckage of which was once a toy train? Books, with stained faces and bent spines sat there gathering dust mice. There was also a shiny tin can. A broken pendant. A lac(more)
Hey you, sir, STOP! You are under arrest, please raise your hands over head. For what you ask?
For Possession. Theft. Substance abuse.
What, you are denying you did neither? Well, sir, perhaps this girl will refresh your failing memory. She says you kidnapped her, forcefully took her insi(more)
When you start to love, you will end up losing yourself.
When you start to lose, you will end up loving yourself.
It was colorful. And neon. It was every hue of the rainbow and sequined too. You could wear it to a dull dark hospital ward and you could swear it would only two minutes for every patient to heal. To dance and laugh and cheer. This was the kind(more)