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Television sure does give us an unrealistic expectation of things. Imagine my surprise when my first time wasn't perfectly orchestrated to the smooth and steady beat of a slow jam. Imagine my shock when I didn't find you waiting on my doorstep a week after you packed your stuff(more)
Back when I lived in Queens, there was this little pizza shop across the street from my elementary school. I'd go to it nearly afternoon; a plain slice of cheese was only one dollar. I'd pay the guy behind the counter and then stand by the broken pac man(more)
I've made it a rule to stop looking at the calendar on the wall. The days are numbered in a harsh reality that makes my stomach churn. I'm going to be two decades old in a matter of eight months. But I'm not accustomed to this molting, this loss(more)
One second. Do you ever stop to think about everything that happens in one second of life?

Tic, and hundreds of babies are pulled out of their mother's wombs. Seven pounds, ten ounces. Twenty inches long. Premature. Stillborn. Has his father's eyes.
Tic, and hundreds of hearts sto(more)
They say that if the hour of midnight on New Year's finds you walking in the streets, the year will bring you many travels.

One of the most beautiful people I've ever met has a dream to touch each continent before she leaves this world. She's almost halfway(more)
We first kissed at a school coffeehouse, but it happened long after the music had stopped. We had to weave through the crowds of rowdy kids and impatient parents to find a quiet spot near the street. He put his jacket over my shoulders, even though it wasn't cold(more)
I bought your mother a bathrobe for Christmas. I got her the best one I could find. Plush and soft and coffee-cream colored. It brought my bill to $75. But I didn't mind. I wanted to do something nice. I wanted to prove that I was thoughtful and kind(more)
There's a certain sentimentality that exists within the "used" of this world.

The broken recorder that once belonged to a third grader whose parents first spanked her for getting a D in music, the chipped coffee mug that sat between a husband's palms for two years before h(more)
The sound of the phone's incessant ringing is echoing throughout her skull by now, bouncing off it's protective walls and rattling against her brain. But that isn't enough to convince her. She fervently presses the redial button again.
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. (more)
There's a certain point at night when my room lies in the darkest portion of the gradient and all my knots have come undone. (4 am, to be specific, give or take a few minutes depending on the phase of the Moon). It's at this time every night that(more)
"You knew this wasn't a good idea from the start"
"We both knew. But that didn't change anything, did it?"
"Well I never meant for it to get this far"
You pulled the sheets up to your chin, and turned your eyes away from me. We were quiet now,(more)
When she was a child, we took her to the ocean and let her dip her feet in by the water's edge. The hair on her arms bristled at it's touch, and the chill caused her little knees to quiver. But the look in her eyes changed completely...We should've(more)
Lily stood by the sink, washing the cream of mushroom casserole off of the blue ceramic plates. She moved her arms slowly, gently saturating each dried speck of food with the sponge before directing them down the drain. Tom was still sitting at the dinner table, reading some month-old(more)
My english teacher hates the word random. He doesn't believe that we use it to label things correctly nowadays.

I randomly thought of you.
It happened randomly. (more)
A woman wearing a knitted red shawl dropped a coin in the jar. She didn't look at me; just pushed her purse back up under her armpits and turned away.
"Thank you ma'am", I mumbled, more for my sake than for hers. She didn't hear it of course(more)