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"Hey, did you know—“


"You didn't even know what I was going to ask!"
She didn't know why she was expecting there to be food.

"This... isn't lunch."

He didn't reply. (more)
"You know, I think this might just be your best one yet."


"Does John know?" (more)
"You know, your teeth will go bad if you keep that up."

He almost choked on the cigarette smoke as he twisted around from his place looking out the window. He didn't look very surprised at her sudden entrance, but he was. When had she...?

"When did(more)
She's no stranger to the violin that sits in his arm chair.

The music stand sits next to the window. An unfinished piece rests on top, held down by a pen. She knows he only returns to it when he must think, and think hard. Aside from hi(more)