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Spring in the air and the flowers are blooming. The earth is getting warmer and warmer. The sun takes longer to set making the days longer. As the weather gets nicer it time to cut the grass and say good to cold weather.
Where are you?
Why are you gone?
How did this happen?
I already know the answers but I choose not to listen to that little voice in my head.
You can't be dead! (more)
the holidays are nearing, all the plans are being made without you. you put up all the walls so no one will know what you feel. but slowly as the holidays come closer. the walls start to crack and crumple till its all rumble. you think no one will(more)
your expectaions are to high for me to reach even if i stand on the tip of my toes. i'm the one that tries and dosnt stop till she gets it right. i'm the one that is going to go to collage and make you proud but your expectaions(more)
regret is a very powerful word to use in the English language. it hurts me to say that I regret ever meeting you because that would be a lie. how we meet was wonderful and nice. The time spent together was a  precious gift at the moment. But now I(more)
the cold wind blowing through the air slowly nipping at your nose. the numb feeling in your hands as the days get colder and colder. winter must be comming if you can slowly see your breath more and more. if winter is comming the snow will soon follow and(more)
the best compliment that i have ever recieved in my live is that i'm their light that helped guided him out of his dark place.
I must be an isomniac because i stay up all night trying to figure you out. I over think about what i'm going to and how i'm going todo it... why cant i just stop thinking and sleep... i"m afraid to sleep because i'm afraid if i close my(more)
life has not been very good for me and it's not ever going to be. I have cried my share of tears and pain to the point of no return. I have reach the lowest of the low but some how I always manage to carry on. but carrying(more)
In the very back of my mind there is a secret box that holds all the things that I regret the most. But that is not the only thing it holds it holds all the good times that I had with ex friends. Every bad word that was tossed(more)
you act is pretty good if you like to pretend but your act is almost done. just take your bow and wait for what your good at the closing act
i fly close to the water dogging left and right trying to not to get seen by the predators that lurk from  the dark corners of this beautiful lake that i call home. i cloak myself and hide so the others don't know that i'm the easy prey for them(more)
what we had was great and i trusted you like a daughter should. then you chose him over me and left me on a corner to cry. i dont know why i cry late at night for you. My heart was decisive by your face love and soft smiles.(more)
i plug into all my electronics and let my real self go... i see my body just sitting mindless watching tv and eating chips... why cant i stop this awful cycle.. were is my turn off button? where is my power going to? i just want to shut down(more)
why should i save myself when you cant.why cant you just forget about him and run away with me. i would take care of you and i would never hurt you like he did. why cant you save yourself so you can save me from the  future suffring that i(more)