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You know when you stare at something long enough when you're tired and it starts to look strange? Everything gets all disproportionate and unfamiliar.

It doesn't have a blue glow (for me at least), but the sensation kind of reminds me of something glowing blue.
When my kid falls off his first bike, we're gonna smile. He's gonna get right back on his bike and try again. I'm not going to teach him to be afraid of failure. I want my kid to relish the opportunities that failure presents.
why convince them when you can convince you. be stoked.
I expect to finish school
I expect to get a job
I expect to have sex
I expect to drink beer and wine
I expect to travel
I expect to find a wife (more)
i feel like a fish out of water
my girl friend is much hotter
than me. always gotta pee
There isn't anything worse than a dull knife
When you'd rather have a gift card for William Sonoma than for Gamestop
I'm not even pretty enough to get a job at Hollister
my hero is val
brought me into the universe
a real cool gal