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"I hate you, Mama!" The door slammed shut and I shook where I stood, my right hand resting on a dining chair. My two other children were silent until the youngest stood, her own chair scraping on the tiles.

"I'll......go see what's wrong." Alice's eyes were wide at(more)
Midas turned everything he touched to gold.
Once he went to embrace his daughter, I closed the book.
What use is wealth without love?
"So... how do they stay alive?"

"Well... the plants have this thing called chlorophyll, Inara. They take the light I give them and make food with it. Plants have their own kind of magic, hidden."

" they build up food while you're here... and eat when you're(more)
"How could you manage all this, Auriel?"

"I just come in at night, and, well, they just respond to me. I don't know how I do it, but I do."

Inara leaned against the door and just watched her sister tending all the plants, golden light streaming(more)
You said
"Come here."
In a sensual
And my body
Complied (more)
"The tags say full sunlight... but, Auriel, this is a pitch-black room! There isn't even a light switch in here."

"I know."
The night was fading away by the time I put out the candle. I waltzed around my room alone in the gray dawn, singing for the sun to rise. He had not come. He had not come! I was free from the dark and the man that called it(more)
I haven't tried it yet, but you're giving me the blade. I run my left fingers along it and grip the hilt with my right, relishing the feel. You look at me, expectant. I look up, a grin on my face.

"When do we start?"   "Now." (more)
I sat with you to watch the nebulae wake, and you drew me in with your fantastic voice. It spoke to me of years gone by, the stories of each of the groups of constellated dots. Your words weaved me a cloth upon the lapis lazuli of the night(more)
There's no written law that says you have to stay in any relationship you don't want to be in.
It's probably neither of your faults; you've just grown so much as people and those people don't fit well together anymore.
Even though you love them and it's time to(more)
Yes, it's true, my dear Roman. I wish I never ran away.
Even though you said it's fine, I cannot help but think of it.
I regret not being by your side as you died. I'm so sorry.
The railroad station was empty.A sign that read "Loiterers will be persecuted and fined $200" greeted me as I entered, but I wasn't going to wait long anyhow. It was completely vacant- no chairs, barely a working heating vent, and nothing but a boatload of cobwebs and dust. The(more)
"Winter is coming."
"Let's go south."
I look into your eyes and begin to dream.
You hush the words that want to escape with a chaste kiss.
It is then that we hear shouting.
You push me on, bidding me run.
I see you draw your blade. (more)
We stored away
In our
Hearts like photographs
In a
Box and (more)