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And when your heart stops at the sight of them, you begin to wonder why it is that you left at the beginning. When your old life is walking with new death on its heels toward you, would you be the one to stay put?
It was
The end of the world.
Words clattered
Around my ears like
Debris and smoke
Filled (more)
I asked if I could come over. He said no.
It's not that
I don't love you, but I-
Don't really
Have the taxi fare money
Ready to come
See you (more)
I felt it.
That moment
When you closed your eyes
Breathed in deep
And sighed out- "I don't love you."
Did you hear it? (more)
We're meant to be
You see, and
Even though
We're keeping
At arm's distance, I (more)
"Your Grace? To my knees, I fall before you."
The heart of the matter is... my heart is his.
By now, I've lost all energy for nonsense. This country we live in is wrong. It wants to believe in the false idols of words undefined. And now I'm too tired for debate.
They say that actions speak louder than words, but all I hear is the screaming. The earth, if you'd just shut up and listen, is  SCREAMING. What will you do to silence its pain?
When I got my role, I thought I'd be able to slip into it like an old glove, but I suddenly was aware of the fact that I was a child again. I was wearing my first pair of lace-up shoes and I needed to learn how to tie(more)
I slipped my hand into your back pocket so I wouldn't lose you. Little did I know that you were far gone already.
Their chosen song: King and Lionheart.
Let's turn our endless days into endless nights, crossing the bridge of friendship into the land of blurred lines, where you and I can lie and lay and kiss and miss. And then, when we wake from our dreaming, go home with a smile in our hearts. Best of(more)
"Now, Miss Anya, that ye've become accustomed the blade, learn to dance with it."

"Damn it all, Jeshua, I thought that's what I was doing. Or should I call you Armicustos, now?"