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And before you can stop it, its happening, and you watch everything unravel and there's nothing to stop it.
The thing is, you've seen it before, seen the unravelling and you promised you would never let it happen again. But you did.
Now you're kneeling, hands covered in th(more)
Its amazing how we got this far,
feels like we spent our whole lives chasing,
the dream, the wish, the goal.
I never thought we would actually make it,
now that we have, I have my doubts,
I have my reservations. (more)
Clouds are given such negative connotations,
of blocking the sun so we cannot see,
of having a silver lining when it disappears,
for, you see, there is no better hope than a cloud,
when the sky has been too blue for too long,
when the children cry as they(more)
Friendship is a funny thing
a halfway between like and love
a mutual regard for one another
an equality where there is  no king

But as much as I want to give and take (more)
You give yourself away, in thoughts, in kindness, in thinking of others. Helping without being asked, making promises without caring what it entails and acting with no regard of the pain on your part. Becoming background noise, until you fade away and aren't sure who you are any more.(more)
You can live without love, without a home and without freedom.

I just don't think I would want to.
Just don't worry about it,
cheer up,
think about something else instead,
I'm sure it 'll all be alright,
just don't think about it,
you'll do fine. (more)
wiser, better, stronger but perhaps not because that's a lie because you can always be older
You search and strive to do what is right and you think that it will all turn out in the end. Because it has to, because you need to believe that it will. Otherwise you're too afraid of that next step, that next jump or that next fall. You(more)
The stars shine bright, constant in the night sky as the world turns on. Only its an illusion for even the stars turn dark and die.
I'm not home yet and i don't know if i ever will be. I have a home with my parents and siblings but that's the one i was born into, not the one i chose. I don't know what its going to be or how long it will take(more)
I want to have people around me who don't judge rashly and make me smile. I want friends who are honest and know exactly what to say when I mess up. I want family who put up with my bullshit and are always there for me. I want parents(more)
Every day is a new day, every morning you wake up and say that "today I will be better" and then you get out of bed. The repetitiveness of the day begins and you lose time in coffee and traffic and errands. And before you realise it its 7pm(more)