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Last night there was a woman on the bus who I couldn't help but overhear, even though she was sitting far to the back and the bus noise was loud. This woman was loud, loud and angry though her anger was couched in pseudo-laughter. Every statement punctuated with a(more)
It was later at the bar that Betty snapped. She'd finally had enough of Vince and his egotistical ranting, his incessant flirting with other women at the bar. This had been going on all weekend. She was sick of him.

"That's it, I'm out of here! " she(more)
I love to think about Italy
fantastic place where I
have yet to go.
Rome, the eternal city
where my family lived briefly,
land of statues and motorcycles and (more)
I am a librarian. That should speak volumes, no pun intended, about my nerdism factor. Appearances may be deceiving, as I don't usually wear my hair in a bun which is commonly thought of as the traditional (stereoptypical) librarian look. At one time, anyway.  I look terrible with my hair(more)
It was benign. I think I'm the first one in the family to actually have a cancer that turned out to be benign. This is like dodging a bullet. Getting released with just a slap on the wrist.

It started with a mole on my right shoulder that(more)
Will there be tacos on the West Bank? Not that I care about tacos for myself, I rarely eat Mexican food anyway. But since I'm getting ready for my trip to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, I'm curious about what I will find there. What is "normal" in daily Palestinian(more)
Lee was out on the dance floor, an unusal place for him, with a woman who was even drunker than us. "Us" being Lee, Jeanette and myself, who had already done considerable damage to several rounds of beer (me) and scotch (Jeanette and Lee.)
I used to hate the color orange. I think I just didn't understand it. I thought it stood for loudness, crudeness. A kid I couldn't stand in junior high reminded me of the color orange. He annoyed me and therefore the color orange annoyed me.
In the middle of the night we decided
to drive to Niagra Falls because we wanted snow.
Four of us in a jeep, two gone their separate ways now
the third dead
and the fourth (me) probably the only one (more)
For one night only I could be a queen
a princess a king
a pawn in a Russian chess game
an airship pirate in goggles and spats
lugging around my super-chromotographic
time-space condenser (more)
We were friends. We did everything together - fixed our hair, shopped, gossiped about boys, went to rock concerts. We did everything together except for two weeks in summer when Mary's dad took her to the ocean.  
Every night she goes outside and looks at the sky
sometimes the moon appears with its paper white smile
and attending stars
while other times she is satisfied with clouds.

What about rain? (more)
My niece is not a girly girl. She does not wear pink, I have never seen her in a dress, and she recently asked to have her hair cut very short. I mean short like a boy, where it is off her neck in the back. She is 8(more)
I admit it: I love the rain
more than I love the sun
the way a mother loves her problem child
more than the one with straight A's.

The sky is heavy over the horizon (more)
In the movies the hero looks at the heroine
or she looks at him first, doesn't matter
and their souls are revealed
shyly at first
but the audience knows
they have both fallen (more)