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Hello? John? Oh, I guess I got the machine again. I'm not sure why I keep missing you, I'm calling when you said you were available. Huh. Well. Anyway. I just wanted to let you know that the peaches have all gone bad so I threw them away. They(more)
In the end, he had the most terrible voice. It rang in her ears when he was hundreds and thousands of miles away, bouncing off the insides of her skull as if her brain weren't there to cushion or stop it. It whispered words like "us" and "this" and(more)
He had a habit of quoting obscure philosophers or poets or bards from the 8th century in an attempt to confuse or distract me from the argument we were having. He did that. He was so comfortable in his book smarts that he hid behind them. Those and his(more)
He heard every breath she took, the rain that seemed to beat against the window pane like it was dying to get in, his own fingertips tapping gently, gently on the glass table top.  He looked down; he heard his reflection screaming.  And every rattling breath she took that chilled him(more)
rice would probably taste really good right now. Also, i'm binging for some reason...
It wasn't so conspicuous at first, just a slight sneer that would cross her upper lip, distorting a little the perfection of her face, the symmetry that graced each side of her face.  Last week was hot. I watched a perfectly formed bead of sweat streak gracefully on the delicate(more)