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the sun beaming into my eyes,
wincing at the brightness.
i hear the slight beating of a heart beside me.
thump, thump.
thump, thump.
looking over, (more)
the abandonment,
the loneliness,
it's driving me insane.
the voices, they scream;
louder and louder.
with each breath i take, (more)
back and forth.

the silence,
thickens. (more)
i was the puzzle,
that you put back together,
you were my core,
holding me in place.

now i'm just the missing pieces. (more)
how thick would you say my skin is?
after every tear and rip i've put it through.
how strong will you tell me i am?
even though i cry every night,
thinking of you.
i'm not as strong as i seem, but everyone seems to disagree.
why does it(more)
i'm running,
away from everything. (more)
watch as the words,
float in the air,
and materialize into,
the true meaning,
of my love for you.
the true meaning, (more)
the sound of his breath,
the beating of his heart,
it's hot in here.
you sliced me, left and right.
bleeding me out.
looking for your treasure; (more)
you woke me,
in my being.
you broke me,
and released me.
climbing above my rib cage,
and settling right atop my collar bones. (more)
his first words.
in the morning.
when he whispers,
hearing his voice quiver,
with exhaustion. (more)
here's to the end//here's to the beginning,
farewell lover.
our chemistry has faded,
to nothing more,
than harsh words,
and memories, (more)
if only you knew,
what my mind goes through,
at the sight of the moon,
when I have thoughts of you.
we dance hand in hand,
around the glowing light; (more)
hunt & gather,
these thoughts of you.
burn, (more)
there are two sets of keys;
one to my heart,
and one to my soul.
after I gave you both,
you swallowed the keys,
and walked away. (more)
do you remember December?
when you first took my heart. it was a cold night,
New Year's Eve to be exact.
You held me in your arms,
making false promises of never letting go.
that snowless winter, (more)