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The assassin laying on the floor groaned as his burnt body was giving out, succumbing to death.  Yari appeared out of thin air, pearl tears streaking down her face, as she let out a gentle cry.  She raised her faintly glowing blue dagger high in the air.  His eyes met hers as(more)
Internal discord seeking second nature.  
We see refuge from what we can't face alone.  

In a bright white lie, I steal away thoughts of eternal affairs.  
It is not what we seek to do but how we do it.  
And when it is done, all we have the(more)
Inevitably, we all arrive to the same conclusion, the same sparkling gaseous matter.
we are made of star dust.
Heavenly bodies tumbling down conjoined within the chemical composition.
Anatomical geometry. (more)
You keep pushing it.  My patience is waning but it's tested time and time again.
I didn't see it for the longest time, but you're a terrible person.  I thought because of your big doe eyes that cried a lot showed you were an empathic person but I see now that(more)
This sickness is screaming on the inside of me and when I scream back it doesn't listen, it just tells me what to do.  Pull away.  Some nights I am powerless to the repetitive knives dropping into my heart like coins into a jar.  Memories are dragging my present into a painful(more)
You told me that things would be different now.  That everything I knew and learned was over.  You told me it was time to let go and move on.  This would be a beginning.

Things don't happen so simply.  It doesn't go over that smoothly.  Some things are like a haun(more)
Don't.  Just pace.  Breathe, in and out.  Try to calm the static that is creeping in the sides of your eyes and making your hands shake.  The urge is an itch, just wanting to be scratched.  Pace more, so locked inside your own head, you can't even hear the floor creaking un(more)
I have this friend... he talks to me when the rest of the world is too loud.  He tells me to watch out, and likes to point out all the mistakes that I make, and the past paths I have trended where the ground is to worn, he enjoys when(more)
You.  Writing, right now.  Dawn....  sunrise, a new beginning, something along those lines, right?

It is something different to me.
She begged and pleaded for someone to see the golden child she once was.

Someone to lift her back into the sun

Prince charming never came. (more)
The walls shone a haunting white.  Blank, just like your expression.  They will forever remind me.

We commonly parallel green with jealousy... green eyed monster.  And, my dear, you were a beast.  

Like a artist jacked up on some intense drug, you splattered my worl(more)
It is impossible to build a roof on a crumbling foundation.
But if it's all carrion anyway... it's like building in sand.
Just like where I look behind.
Built on broken promises.
It's an act so simple that we are all guilty.  An act of selfishness that through perspective alleviates the responsibility of being a martyr.

Didn't you know martyrs are a dying breed?