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"We have no choice. We have nothing. Don't you understand. It's hopeless."  
She didn't want to hear it. Not now not here. She turned her eyes away looking towards where the lies once covered the truth. Yet it was empty and void of filling her soul.  
"If it's hopeless...then(more)
Walk away.
Just keep walking till the music stops playing. Walk till the world changes. Walk pass the place where we once live and loved. Walk pass the crooked streets and strange people.
I stood in my living room, been there for hours now. Nothing has happen, nothing wil(more)
The night sky was clear, exposing copies of the secrets within us all. The city lights were a filter warping our judgements of these secrets. A nice summer breeze, one earn with hours of rain earlier, began to massage my protected layer of sweat i built during the day(more)
The door was already barely open and with a slight touch it swung open. The swinging door was like a search light exposing what the darkness was trying to hide. Even with the new found light the place was dark and in an old wooden chair sat an old(more)
Stop. Stop. Stop.
I kept repeating in my head. It was a like a flicker of hope in the tunnel vision of my current bad mood. Stop the madness, stop the anger, stop everything. I needed to be alone.
  I was ready to face the world again. Knowing tha(more)
    Waking up slowly, I look around to see the white walls still there.
    Waking up slowly, I look around to see the white walls still there. After a few minutes my blood is warm enough from the mid day sun cooking me for me to have the energy to(more)
They say I would feel better, that it would all go away. They know nothing. Out the window I stared watching the city below. The window was covered in dust as if each particle decided to fuse together with one purpose; to warp my view of the city. Eve(more)
    The fear was still there as sweat began to cover me as if to save me from myself. A protected layer it was that I became invisible to all the people around me. In a nervous rut I began to fix my hair moving it to the right(more)