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Mike myers plays piano
Whatever.  It has become my slogan over the last few years.  There's not enough money in the budget to give you a raise right now.  Your wife has been cheating on you.  I'm leaving you for another man.  The kids are failing out of school.  All of them. (more)
Crickets everywhere.  You can hear them at night but you never actually see them.  An invisible midnight choir.
We sat there sipping on gin and juice, half drunk and smiling like fools, listening to the crickets.
Neither of us had said anything for a while. (more)
i don't have one of these things, you do it

she continued fumbling around, even though she was frustrated and ready to give up

gentle, you have to be gentle (more)
That feeling that everything is just around the corner constantly nagging at you.  Sometimes you wait for it, sometimes you chase after it, never finding it it disappears like a shadow in the light.
There are glimmers of hope, like you might catch it, whatever it is, that today will(more)
Things get sticky.  Feeling around the room with my eyes, avoiding the puddled humanity which has let itself go, wondering where all the fireflies have gone.
I put my hand in some beer and search around for a bar napkin, always out of reach.  How am I supposed to write m(more)