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Indeed dog
that's how i feel in this moment, as if every talent i've tried to cultivate over the years has been scrapped by the very existence of the point in time i am currently living.

how funny, that i told her i wouldn't get sucked in again. i told(more)
"god, i'm horny."
"who isn't?"
vanya's sitting on the edge of the bathtub with his eyes closed and hyacinthe is kneeling in front of him with a makeup brush in one hand and a small pot of eyeliner in the other.

"don't move," she cautions and a moment later the slick sensation o(more)
it was magic, the way her fingers flew over keys and code poured out.

cities fell and she sat in her room, spewing scripts at the world.
sometimes when he is falling asleep he questions his actions.

(his therapist says everything he does is a cry for attention, but she only said that to his mom when she thought he couldn't hear. he could, though, he could hear every word because he snuck back t(more)
"I can't eat that."
"What? Why not?"
"That's a hockey puck, not a cookie."
"But I made it for you."
"I'm pretty sure you could kill someone with that sugary monstrosity."
"Couldn't you at least try it?"
your favorite doll has red hair made of thick, cotton string. mother gave her to you on your eighth birthday. you wanted to tell her you were too old for dolls, but her eyes were so big and hopeful.

what you really wanted at the time was (more)
my coat is so poofy i bet the aliens can see it up in space.

sara-beth's coat doesn't look like it's hiding balloons. oh no, sara-beth's coat is a simple and clean navy blue and is probably less than an inch thick because she has a nice an(more)
she's wearing a pristine white dress shirt with inauspicious, plastic buttons. her slacks are black and free of lint, stark darkness against the bleached brightness of her shirt.

there are, however, no shoes on her feet and the man at the counter of the gas station is frowning(more)
we're like a cosmic merry-go-round, and i'm always finding myself back at your door.

i really thought i'd leave this time. i honestly thought i'd walk right out of your apartment just like you walked out of my heart when i caught you kissing that boy from bi(more)