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"SON-OF-A-BITCH!" Chandler yelled after dropping all the deviled eggs on the ground. That wasn't the only thing he had dropped to the ground in the kitchen but luckily we have two awesome mops. One is named Hiro and the other is named Tsuki. I even had a cute story(more)
His southern drawl, his green eyes, and that cigarett smoke.
The new guy at work wasn't my type but we were very good friends. We hung out plenty of times but it was this one time that was different. Those eyes of his reflected the moonlight as his star(more)
There we were; back in Springfield Missouri. Nerves up to the sky, my grip around his arm became a bit tighter. I had never been in a country bar and to be quite honest, I just started listening to country music maybe three weeks ago! He chuckled a bit(more)
Pain so deep
I can feel it down to my core
My legs, my arms, back and in my bones
She kicked my ass
All I want to do is lose weight
My trainer, via youtube, did what she's supposed to do
But I feel the burn in m(more)
She knew.

She always knew that there was something wrong.

Being conscious she was, but not in reality. Time was off. She was off. A luscious pink forrest she found herself in; the trees, the grass, everything was a light pastel pink. It was beautiful but s(more)
When I look at you it is no ordinary connection. Oh quite the opposite. I feel like I am filled with rays of joy, happiness smothered with kisses from the sun. If I could, I would spend all day with you, and all night. If you were thirsty I(more)
There I was with that man's gun barrel directly aimed at my forehead. He was going to kill me. And it was all because of this one girl.
This was definitively a nasty sight. My body buised and beaten to a pulp by...we shall call him Ed. That wasn't(more)
My heart is infected.
Infected with love for another
I love him, but I also love him.
He is my mentor, someone who is looked up to
and the other is my current lover.
Are there any antibiotics for this infection of the heart?
Questions arise and I won(more)
Pretending that I am flying free through the big, blue sky is not a dream. It's life. My life. Be free of everything and enjoying things on my time. I soar through the clouds, and dive straight down towards the clear blue ocean but the second before I hit,(more)
Eric never saw, let alone guessed, that this would happen. He wasn't the praying type (nor did he even believe in a God) however, on his knees in front of another man, was about to make him a born again Christian. His fragile body wanted nothing more than to(more)
It's been two years since I've been home longer than two days. Moving onto campus was probably the best and yet, worst idea of my life; Away from responsibilities but surrounded by distractions.
I was terribly depressed taking down my dorm room but failing college is more depressing so...goin(more)
Finally, it was the final exam. It was 1:30...I looked around for her. I didn't see her. Students from my class rose their hands asking questions about the questions and I tried my best to not be distracted by her essence. Finally I answered all the questions that some(more)
I always wanted to be an astronaut. Just the thought of being in space was just so...awe inspiring. To be able to see the massive planet that we live on with my very own eyes, to be able to see hot burning gases (stars) with my very own eyes...I'll(more)
It was cold yet again and I had to get the all the frost off my car windshield. It was the end of a new day for the math class that I was teaching. Ha! Spring semester most people think is warm and cuddly, but not here. Spring semester(more)
I promised my mother that if she agreed to go I'd write her a letter everyday...And I did. I wrote her a letter everyday for about 2 years...she never knew that I was only doing it for my own selfish reasons. I was doing it so that I wouldn't(more)