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Some might say that I was led down a refracted path, a path that left many hurt and few in shear misery. But to me this is the only path I was willing to take, some may cry, some may run and hide, some may fall as others will(more)
I only caught a slight glimpse of those sharp silver fangs as the tree branches slammed one after the other into my head. I can feel its breath creeping closer like a cold winter breeze. Everything is racing as I continue forward not caring where  I end up as long(more)
Her gorgeous fiery red hair flowed like a flag in the cold winter wind and shined as bright as the north star through the pure white snow. Her complexion as clear as a recently Windexed window. A smile that shines brighter then a pack of fireflies in the darkest(more)
The rain slowly trickled down my neck with a cold almost icy sensation. The cold wind blew harshly rendering my arms crossed and shivering. Cars pass by me not stopping to let me in out of this harsh storm. They are leaving just like the rest of us so(more)
Sweat slowly dripped off of my chin as I pressed forward afraid of whats to come out next. The large door that let the last one out re-opened revealing a terrifying beast with large fire red eyes and teeth as sharp as razors. The red scales traveled down its(more)
"Why can't I move my arms?!" I yelled. Not daring to look back for a single god damn second. People pass left and right with nothing but a low whisper I can't quite make out. Why are they doing this? "Does anyone else see what is happening to this(more)
Imagine the tropic breeze rushing through your hair as you passed over volcano's in the Hawaiian jungles of Madagascar. Imagine smelling the sweet ripe mine fields of the Iraqi everything. Or soar above the clouds and swoop down to the Australian out back where you sky dive into a(more)
I hear the bells ring and the dogs bark as they roll be through the hospital. Every sounds, every god forsaken sound ours through me like ice melting on a fat man's tummy! The wheels squeak down the hall as the doctor takes me into the operating room carrying(more)
We hear of time, of space, of sex, of booze. We cry, we love, we dream, we snooze. We fake, we fault, we fight we thrive. We doubt, we shout, we care, we take a dive. We drown, we burn, we fear, we trick. We take, we throw, we(more)