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Ever since he was a young wizard, he wanted a robe like Flamel’s. Something midnight blue, speckled with stars. As he grew older, he acquired robes of varying colors – ebony black or fiery red. Some, even, a tantalizing shade of sky blue. However, he never encountered the robes(more)
She watches them fall one by one. Person by person, he weaves his magic over their heads until there is nothing left, nothing that made them the people she loved.
Why she remains untouched, she does not know. A forgotten love, perhaps. However, she cannot do anything sav(more)
When I let my imagination run away with me, I can see slime oozing off his features. Sometimes I think it already does – I can hear the stuff creeping out his voice, anyway. Every one of his features exudes oil and sycophancy.
I know it’s his fault(more)
panic sets in because
he won’t wake up
no matter what i try or
how i yell, his face
stays motionless as stone
It's been their special place for as long as she can remember. It was where they first met; underneath a vibrant green tree just blooming, both of the happy pair in the spring of their lives. In their summers, when the tree stretched its leaves to their fullest, they(more)
you see him, outlined by the abyss. you lurch forward, hoping to get there in time.
in a vague, ignored part of your brain, you realize that you cannot reach him, but emotion defies all logic in its strongest moments, so you reach toward his falling figure anyway.
The whispers won't stop. They follow me, mirroring my every move and muttering relentlessly in my ear. Sometimes they're helpful - the jagged screech of dangerdangerdanger on a moonlit night, a relaxing hum when nerves are high and tensions rising. But more often they cause discord.
As I strolled(more)
they say two is better
than one
i say no; no one should have to
undergo that alone
she turns back to me
as she leaves, her face wrapped in shadows
and for a moment i wonder
what it would be like if i hadn't messed up

if i hadn't yelled (more)
As a shunned young one, I would lie amongst trees, gazing at the clouds to wish for another who would not fear me; and as day turned to night, I would hope in vain that there was someone listening, ensconced in the stars.
But my answer never came. (more)