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virulent choices
virtually true speeches
unbroken virtues
shadows are larger
even with the same noon Sun
dark times in dark clouds
Mrs. Florentine set the table with two placemats and matching silverware -- one set for her and one for her husband. Just like normal.

"Hello, honey." She said without looking up. Her husband had just returned from his morning meeting for lunch. He smelled of cigarette smoke and(more)
oh, rapture!
rap rap rap of the door
there was nothing there
but cold, dismal air

roll your eyes and cluck your tongue
you don't know what you've become
our yesterdays are way long gone
all that's left are empty songs

songs of rushing waves at night (more)
we wake up before everyone else just to watch the sun rise above the pastel horizon, without the excessive noise of children dropping ice cream cones and the scolding that comes from their mothers afterward.

when we walk like no one else is around us, with a tunnel(more)
she wore a crop top
and showed more than just midriff
with her fading scars
p is for the way you play your game
a is for how you act without shame
t , for the ties you wear with lies
h , for how you leave my hopes hanging --
She pressed the play button and the music instantly poured through the speakers -- loudly at first, but then she adjusted the volume to 30.

"You've been acting awful tough lately..." She had always been attracted to Marina and the Diamonds' music because of the way she could(more)
precisely 7 minutes and 3 seconds before class actually starts, she sits down and quickly pulls out her notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, and lines them up in order of increasing wavelength on the visible spectrum.

slipping into the classroom right as the last bell is sounding, he sits(more)
Once, you asked me if I had any colored pencils, and I said that I did have colored pencils.
Then, you asked me if you could borrow my colored pencils and I said that you could borrow my colored pencils.
Twice, I asked if you still had my colored(more)
You told me you loved me on that very first night.
You showed up with flowers and chocolates:
the two gifts that can't go wrong.

Yet somehow, things did go wrong,
and just like that, you became pollen in the wind. (more)
4 years of straight A's.
32 crooked teeth, now fixed.
2 prestigious Ivy-League universities.
1 marriage; 3 children.
200k salaries, 401k retirement plan.
Divinity is the isosceles slice of scrumptious scarlet velvet cake topped with perfectly plump cherries in the sporadic patches of confectioner's sugar.
Please, dear. Please read what I have to write because you surely aren't listening to what I have to say. Dear, I can't please you all the time so all I'm asking is that you please read this if it's the last time you will do anything for me.(more)