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James tapped the pipes again. The tinny echo bounced around the basement, making the copper tubes sound much larger than they were. Insulation was wrapped around them, keeping them warm and snug. James stepped away and checked over the furnace outtake again.
The crowd was thick with people, milling around, pushing and shoving in an attempt to get a better view. The sun overhead shimmered, heating the ground and releasing the smell of mud, sweat, and manure. The crowd surged in various directions as people tried to move to the forefront.(more)
You can be in love and alone.

It's really easy.

You can love being in your kitchen, cooking and baking and testing new ideas, in love with what'd bubbling in a pot or coming out of the oven.

You can be in love with a n(more)
People started to file into the room, slumping into their seats, withered from the outside heat. Women started to fan themselvse while men unbuttoned collars and undid ties. Condensation beaded on the windows and walls, and the podium at the front of the room looked greasy. David peeked out(more)