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noontime sun drowsy
day the future forgotten
but past still in mind
sounds upstairs but in
the cellar with the dirt floor
only final silence
scissors invented
fifteen hundred b. c. in
egypt thank goodness
day after divorce
cold coffee tough toast silence
and one confused dog
if someone tells you
to fear not it is best to
fear a little anyway
dry heat tracks of small
paws in hot sand empty blue
sky above the dunes
it's harder to rise
than to sink a problem that
animals don't face
a cat can be as
dutiful as a dog but
not in the same way
the cyclops vision
consisted of a dream that
featured perspective
words are less useful
than tone of voice when dealing
with a two-year-old
he felt bad about
the act even though he won
a medal for it
just suck it through a
flavor straw bud wait do they
still make flavor straws
the peach seems more like
forbidden fruit to me than
a crispy apple
the invisible demons
that remind of death
most end of the world
scenarios begin with
small things that get worse