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pale yellow sky with
two moons but in his breast his
heart beats normally

so long for now!
must survive by the
skin of my teeth only to
discover no skin

one more and done. good luck to all with your writing. i've enjoyed reading it.
pretty eyes nose mouth
not a beautiful face but
pretty close to it

two more and i'm done. thanks for the likes.
cheap walls arguments
in the night tears passion all
on the other side

the rabbit sadly
lovable seems to wear a
sign that says come eat
simple choice is not
the same thing as the easy
or best or right choice

five more and i'm done
adjust angle of
spear for refraction of light
in fishing water
it was okay when
there weren't so many of us
but now not so much
some consider the
gentle sounds of nature at
dawn to be free song
a virus doesn't learn
fast but rapid mutation
is about the same
nature's sea pantry
also serves as a garbage
can and septic tank
dark winter ice spread
across the highway turning
simple trips final
they don't care who they
hurt even if it happens
to be their own selves
brainless animals
may do well in coming days
except for humans
take a chance they said
and he did because he thought
he'd live forever