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At what point did it all accumlate to being alone in an old car. When was the tipping point? What was it I said that has me parked behind the mexican joint we went on our first date trying to sleep. If we can't have the good days without(more)
It's easy to fuck.  Too easy, really.  Just walk up to any young girl at the end of the night, tell her that you love eating pussy, and within minutes you're in bed - eating pussy. Works for me every time, and I love nothing more than eating pussy.  

It's never easy, it's downright painful, but every time I get on that stage a new person is born.  The mice is heavier than I thought, and time seems to slow to half its speed.  Each joke is careful articulated, every laugh appreciated and I'm all alone waiting for the light.  Some(more)
It works in circles like gears to a clock.  Each sound vibrates at a frequency that complements another and then another until a chord forms. Until a concerto is played, until a symphony is composed until a song is sung.
"I hope he'll be ok when I'm done with him."  She said it so nonchalantly that it terrified me.  Like a psychopath laconically describing his victims eyes as he carved into them, or a dictator stoically explaining why he must starve a whole nation, she described to me how her relationships(more)
We were watching Jeremiah Johnson.  Robert Redford gazed across the Rocky Mountains with his rifle draped around his shoulder. Snow speckled his beard, his hat made of 'coon fur.

"This is one of my favorite movies,"  my dad said.  He took a sip of his vodka, and snacked on a fe(more)
"With this sort of determination, I could get back on my feet by the end of the year." He snubbed out his cigarette on the sole of one shoe, standing on one leg supporting himself on the crumbling brick wall.  "It's been thirty-two days."  He smiled, and we walked into Remy's. (more)
No matter how many sentences I write I'll never truly understand how to use a comma.  I used to follow Skunk and White's Elements of Style until I read Flannery O'Connor.  She has commas sprouting out of her stories like ears of corn in the summer.  Each one too delicately placed with(more)
I first saw it on my run.  It was probably 20 feet long, and 15 wide, but half of it was buried beneath the sand.  I stopped, and wondered how far a tree this size had to travel to end up on my beach.  It was waterlogged, ridden with barnacles, and seaweed.  I(more)
"I'm having trouble thinking of anyting to write about these days."

"You should shake your life up a bit."  

He was a short, skinny Irish kid from Boston, or at least he claimed he was from Boston, and he loved hip hop.  He was a student of h(more)
It was the first cadaver I'd ever seen.   I remember his father, my uncle, pointing to the back of the neck to show the bullet wound.  He was explaining the gun shot to me, and not to get it confused where he nicked himself shaving.  I was young maybe ten.  At first,(more)
It was always hot.  The humidity was so think you could cut it with a knife like in the cartoons.  Port Gibson, Mississippi is a terrible, down trodden little speck of a town on the hip of the state.  It's where my family is from, it's where I spent most of my(more)
I'd been punched in the nose too many times.  My ears were ringing, my teeth felt numb, and I kept having to stop my sparing partner so I can sneeze.   Two hours of this, and I could only get a straight right into the gut, but not without sacrifice a(more)
   It is one of two lymphatic organs, and where B cells and T cells are made.  It's where yellow bone marrow lies compacted between tentricles of spongy bones.  It's also where my resentment lies.
It never fails.  You can't take a shot without a cigarette.  You can't have a cigarette without a light, and you can't have a light unless you ask that girl across the porch.  It's the first clear night after a harsh winter, and the bar porch is overflowing with stumbling, blubbering people.(more)