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   When that time rolls around again perhaps I wont be as disappointing in the result. If I work towards it, I know I can make a better resolution then previously.
   This is what I tell myself but I harden my heart expecting disappointment anyway. I feel mysel(more)
Down among the trees in the garden I heard them screaming a game to each other. They were what the world had left to me. All the world had given me to keep of her. As if I wanted to keep any of it.

"Cosh them" Henry woul(more)
   I came to the clearing of white barked forest. in the middle of the clearing there was a huge stump the size of a kings bed and on that stump a faun played a flute.
   He had brown fur, black hooves and two short horns sprouted fro(more)
   The crew trickled out from below deck as the sun peaked its face through the waning clouds. the fat cog was adrift. the ships rudder trailed uselessly, mast leaning over the railing as if it were see sick. there was no spare.
   When the storm had hit(more)
From the throat of the cavern there wafted a putrid smell like boiled beetroot and glue. The three explorers caught their breaths as they steeped into the atrium of the dragons maw. The miasma wasn't poisonous, as the research scouts had assured them, but it was the kind of(more)