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something, i don't know what, pulled It out of me when i crossed over--
removed that Thing inexorably tied to my soul from my being, leaving It intact in every world but this one.
i am so empty i am hollow inside.
there is a large aching gape o(more)
After they leave, he just gets sicker and sicker.  

Lily does her best to take care of him, but she's only 13. And Tanya's 11 and functionally useless at this, only good for manning the base while Lily cares for their younger brother. Milan is chipped as ever,(more)
it was the beginning of times.

it was it was it was

The Dream Plane crashed into a million billion trillion tiny pieces, shattering like the hearts of the sleepers within, people lost forever within the ensuing void alongside every dream you've ever had.

Tentacles lash(more)
Mads is at least kind enough to pay the extra for two beds.

Fallon lies long and limp on the sheets that smell like cigarette smoke and piss, wet dog and sex. For the first time in decades, she's tired to the bone. Since she's the only on(more)

They said something was dying, but whatever It was, nobody was quite sure It had been alive in the first place. When they approached Its seeping, rotting corpus, their machines went off in spirals of glitching data like they did when It was--alive. Or motile, at least(more)
They use hard sticks filled with a synthetic sort of dark liquid to take notes, he notes. He only watches them when their back is toward him, when he can freely roll onto his side and prop himself on an elbow and watch without blinking. But as soon as(more)
"Researcher, uh... Aiza, correct?" asks the supervisor, shuffling papers on his crowded desk. He sees only the black lines on the confidential files in front of him, not even bothering to look up at the scientist he'd hired for this job.
People look, people always look, and he's vain, and he's grown used to the pampering stares and his reflection in glassy eyes, and he is content. Up above them all, curled in vermilion velvet, with heavy lids hiding dark sets of eyes, he feels them. He feeds off their(more)
His arms have been tied on the other side of the pole for hours, and they're starting to get sore. He's on his knees, and he would be praying if his arms weren't wrapped around a pole and ziptied at the wrists. His hands are numb and so is(more)
He panics the first time they take him aside to reprimand him.
"Where were you when we were doing group prayer? Christian said he had to lead the cabin to pray out the storm because you had disappeared after lunch."
"I'd been deliverin' their letter, sir," he replies, h(more)
Stop. Yank your arm free of your grandmother's hand. Push her into the field. Call the crows. Walk away.
Stop. Lose control. Let him pull the matches out of your pocket. Let him lead you around the perimeter of the prom containing your high school's prom, pouring gasoline. Pul(more)
The new secretary likes to break camp rules and tell the children lies about the very saints to which they pray, once every two hours, on the hour mark. The motto of the camp is "D.E.A.P.," pronounced "deep," for "Drop Everything And Pray." By all accounts, the secretary is(more)
Anthony breaks dishes when he gets angry.

He supposes it's not the best of coping mechanisms, but it sure as hell helps him. As long as he's careful and cleans up after himself, it's alright. It's not like a little bit of flying ceramic shrapnel is going t(more)
wanting it back
and never getting it right
like nostalgia for the wise
taken inside without a fight
it's a word that tastes like cobwebs and fairy dust
almost wishful but not quite; (more)
through your bones,
shattering your head
forcing you agains the wall where your brains splatter like paint
your skull is the texture
embedded fragments in the plaster that cracked beneath your force
as your body slammed into it
a stoppable force meets a movable object
and they collide(more)