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"Pray for me" is not something I have ever said to anyone. Nor have I ever volunteered to pray for someone else.  It's just not my way.  

On Facebook I see people entreating their friends and acquaintances and the randoms in their networks to pray for them, or t(more)
A window is something you take for granted until you no longer have one.

They made me move my cubicle from the part of the office with windows to the part without windows. It was part of a greater, yet completely arbitrary, "reorganization" the goal of which wa(more)
Soft music has its place, for sure. The dentist's office, the elevator, the airport lounge, your parents' car. But its place is not Friday afternoon in your apartment. No matter how worn out you are from the week's work, your commute, your constant, unending fights with your significant other(more)
I spied her across the bar, a girl I've met many times before but I couldn't say I know her.  Sipping my bourbon, I watched her as I thought she was meant to be watched, as if I was sitting in the audience and she was on stage.
I always have a little something in my left coat pocket. Maybe a penny or two nickels. Once I had two English coins that I quite liked because of their irregular edges.

I don't spend this change; these coins are only lost or found. I pick them u(more)