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"I had the time of my life.." That song from Dirty Dancing was
emblazoned on his mind, he couldn't stop staring at the TV screen.  It was perched five feet away in front of him.  He had
a TV dinner tray with an ashtray and a cup of coffee to the(more)
I took up residence in a cheap room above Freud's Dance Hall down on West Third street near  the waterfront.  It wasn't much but I had a picture of a parakeet in a cage above my humble kitchen table and a view of the bay that was priceless.
The list goes on..deciphering images beamed in through cyber-space from a star that was swallowed by a black hole.  It's dark out there.  Light shimmers in her eyes.

The Cafe Mort   was undignified but a place you could feel anonymous.  Shut it all out for a few precious h(more)
"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.." He repeated
the words like a mantra.  Unwrapping chocolates with his
elephantine  fingers sitting in front of the vanity mirror
he stared at the gelatinous mass reflected back at him.
His make-up was smeared by the tears which were flowing
I was part of a team from the university researching psychic phenomena and we went to a house that was
supposed to have a poltergeist.  There were four of us on
the team and we went there four times.
"If you like eating meat, don't work in a sausage factory."
If you like eating red meat, bloody red meat, with lots of
gristle and fat in it, and tendons and other chewy stuff, well,
it might not be so bad.  Especially if its a zombie cannibal
sausage factory, with(more)
He was referring to himself coming home and watching seventies TV shows.  How he would sink
In the chair and be swallowed up like he’d gone under thick drugs.  The passing of time like a cue-tip
In his brain.  Like being placed in a glass container of lime jello in the refrigerato(more)
Forgetting everything you ever learned, every fact,
story,  name and country, people, places ,names, faces,
every memory and sensation -

floating up out of the body weightless.. (more)
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?are you going to drink champagne?  i don't have a television.
roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you.
red white and blue, i'm the one for you.  if you want more you'll
have to buy my(more)
If you walk off the edge of a poem you might be falling for the rest of your life trying to remember just what it was that affected you so deeply, a sleep-walker ruined for this world.
Talking to yourself, writing words on little slips of paper and
As an emergency service we would like to inform you
this ashtray is about to burst into flame through the
miracle of technology right here on your computer
screen..just by your thinking about it.
Make it rain on my parade all day long stuck in the corner
sucking my thumb mentally incompetent a blot upon humanity, and, Mr Roger's best friend.
Ordinarily, I wouldn't deign to speak to you but on account
of your silk stockings and the glazed look in your eye I might
afford you some percentage of my hard-earned time...
You see I was raised in a barn in Appalachia..those were
hard times.  My mother was a squealing(more)
oh holy night, all bathed in desperation.  surly the snowman
had a hard-on for Jesus, and he was back there in the backyard,
waiting for me, challenging me mutely through the silent falling
snow..Come to Jesus made me think of old cigarette
commercials where the Marborol Man rides of(more)
You told me there was a hotel in Texas I could hide my bald spot in but I couldn’t wrap
My sombrero around it so I left El Paso on a Greyhound bus and got married to a Jesus
Freak girl in Los Vegas, I told her it was(more)