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An owl
the last time i saw you my backyard was an orange carpet, and we danced like the air wasn't crisp or cold, and we laughed until our breath swirled in a single plume right into the sky.

now my backyard is white and my bare feet turn swollen(more)
dear You,

i never told you i love you. but i think about you every day. your voice paints my dreams. i can still feel your fingers between mine. if i close my eyes i can pretend you're sitting right beside me. it's been awhile. i can hardly(more)
the only thing that holds me back is knowing that you would never want me

it's not a thing you've said

or a thing i've been told (more)
your heart has a vacancy between your parents and your college roommate. your best friend and your sister make up your aorta, your right atrium is a series of high school acquaintances, your inferior vena cava is permanently reserved for your younger brother. when your high school sweetheart left(more)
sometimes i look at you and its like fireworks blooming in my chest, warm and bright and destructive, lifting me up off the ground before tearing me into ruined pieces that don't fit back together

you were a too bright light that i tried to contain and i(more)
i can never tell if i love you
           my mom asks if its happened yet, if i've found the one, if i'm finally happy, and i stare at my hands and pretend they're yours
every time you touch me i wonder if you want more, if there's som(more)
my fingers rest on the keyboard

they don't move

they have nothing left to say
i haven't written poetry since i was seven
when my mom told me that nothing i wrote
that my words were clunky, like puzzle pieces that
didn't (more)
sometimes i love you

and sometimes i love him

and sometimes i just want
he says "i'm going to kill you slowly" and you don't ask questions. he says "i want us to fall in love" and you know there's hardly a difference. he says "why are you crying" and you tell him to look at his hands.
it starts in the basement. that's where you found the apple slices: the cores missing, the skins in soft piles, the stems swallowed. when i look back i'll always remember the look on your face as you opened the furnace. the pilot was still on, the flames licked the(more)
Let me tell you a story. There were two boys and they had nobody else and they loved each other. These are facts. These are indisputable. One of the boys would break with a stiff wind, but his mind was tough and wiry like an old elastic band. One(more)
my fingers move across your skin, one by one, like spiders limbs, and you don't turn to look at me, you don't glance up from the t.v., and i'm the spider fast and sleek, with deadly eyes, too many feet, but the web i'm in is not my own,(more)
on a scale from one to ten how much do you want to run away with me

i can promise turnpikes and jeeps and summer air and hotdogs with everything on them and a rearview mirror reflecting nothing but our hair whipping in the wind

on a(more)
here's the thing sweetheart: