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Oasis phase
I had always believed that what you took from me was something so significant, something that I could have never lived without.

You unknowingly set a trap for me back then, preying on my naivete and my inexperience. It’s okay though. I've learned that what you did was(more)
I can feel the pounding of my heart thumping loudly in my chest, beads of sweat gradually drenching my body as I run through the thick, humid air. The dense foliage of the jungle welcomes me, swathing me in its virescent abundance as I embrace my newfound freedom. (more)
Doing things the easy way has never been my style. Sure, there are times where I'm an extremely lazy procrastinator, and there have been instances where I've claimed to have bullshitted some homework assignments here and there, but the truth is, I can't spend less than two hours on(more)
*terra firma*

The planet's deep red sun glistens on the northern horizon, its first shimmering rays of dawn bringing light to the terra firma below.
It happens softly, gently. Never suddenly. She guesses that going insane must be a slow, gradual proccess, if she is indeed going crazy.

He never notices as she cries herself to sleep more and more often, so softly. She can't let him see her weakness, because it would(more)
The sound of sharp, serrated objects being raked across an uneven surface has always made me cringe. For example, I hate filing my finger nails when they get too long. It's not just the sound though; it's the feeling of my jagged nails grinding against a coarse surface. (more)
One of the things I love about you is the way you look when you're asleep. I don't get to watch you sleep very often, because you're often awake before I am, or not really sleeping. But you fell asleep for real last night while we were listening to(more)
Crisp, icy snowflakes fell gently from the sky, paving the landscape in a fluffy, sparkling layer of white. She gazed upwards, her eyes alight with childlike wonder as a few of the frozen ice crystals lightly caressed her face. “Beautiful…” she whispered in awe, completely oblivious to everything around(more)
It took me a while, but I understand now.

You don't do this because you're good at it, or because you want to prove yourself to others. Though those things are nice perks.
Hair styles and fashion in general have never been strong suits of mine. I've loved wearing my hair down ever since I was little. Partly because I don't like taking the time to do fancy things to it, and partly because it comes out looking ugly if I try.(more)
You tell me that this is like painting. You claim that this is just like mixing the colors and altering the lines and curves of an overall painting to make it perfect. But my mind just doesn't work that way. To me, painting and doing this are two very(more)
"Had enough yet?" He asked me one day after knocking me flat on my ass for what seemed to be the tenth time.

He had been training me to fight for the past few months.

I scowled at him from this increasingly familiar position on the floor.(more)