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The suit fit him perfectly and covered all imperfections--or the visible ones, at least. His cuts and faded scars were concealed, along with his bruises and barely-healed wounds. His tie had been straightened, his shirt buttoned up, and his attire adjusted to emit an aura of professionalism and comfort.(more)
The light from her flashlight shook as Kara waited. She could not keep her hands steady, no matter how much she tried, and had resorted to plastering herself against the wall and hoping for Aaron's swift return. Splitting up in a supposedly haunted house was never a good idea.(more)
The paperwork and stacks of books surrounded him like eerie towers, looming over at daunting heights just moments away from toppling over. The woman who had lived here had evidently not kept up to date with her bills and the like, though he had no one to complain to(more)
I thought you loved me.
Apparently not.

I thought you cared
about whether I live or die.
Apparently not. (more)
is a dangerous thing
it guides me through the dark
and blinds me as I approach
it's falsely secure
darkness only scares (more)
The hurried footsteps echoed in the silent corridors but I knew they would be too late. Blood spilled easily over the stone floor and  I found it hard to believe that it was all mine. Perhaps if I'd found the strength to call for help then I would've survived; doctors(more)
They moved in synch, their attacks sharp and their defences measured. They were perfectly matched, though they knew it could not last; one would fall and the other would be declared victor. It always ended in blood. It would not be long now.