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Once upon a time there was a princess who kept a magical frog as a pet. Well, she wasn't really a princess, that's just what her father called her. And it was really more of a toad than a frog, and more a captive than a pet. And I(more)
I'm need to stop saying sorry. Not when I'm actually sorry, but when I'm not. I need to stop saying sorry as a replacement for excuse me, awkward silences, can you repeat that?, and especially oops-we-seem-to-have-bumped-into-each-other-in-the-supermarket.
Richard was pulled from a strange dream (he was a beleaguered used car salesman in Wisconsin) by a wet nose rubbing against his hand. He half opened his eyes, catching a patch of golden fur and a long snout at the foot of his bed before shutting them tight(more)
He hiked up his pants. It's hard to put into words how much this annoyed me. "You need a belt, homie." I said, far harsher than I intended.

"What I need is an ass," he responded immediately, reaching back and pulling up his pants again.

Having seen(more)
There wasn't much to do about it now. There would be no rescue, the physics of it were literally impossible, and if the miracle hadn't happened in the first few hours it wouldn't be happening now. There was just space, more space, and more space after that. And a(more)
I thought I was at a shopping center, not a gym. I'm not quite certain when women started considering workout clothes to be fitting attire for those non-workout portions of the day, and I'm not certain how I feel about this change. Men do it too, I know, but...(more)
Death is beautiful, in it's own way. There is a sadness and horror and regret in every ending, but also an undeniable hope, a birth, the possibility of something great, something better.

This is, of course, generally speaking. Philosophically speaking. I'm not sure what hope or beauty or(more)