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World runs
without a break
going to no where
its just an endless race.
People fancy this
fancy that.. Money (more)
A long wait
of few hours
few days, sometimes
of a few weeks
turns sweet with (more)
Dear mind, don't rush
my understanding is slow
than fast speech you give.
Speak slow, clearly pronounce
each words you say
as you see (more)
Past one hour I spent listening to the sound of keyboard while I type sentences mixed with tapping of backspace button. Tapping of space button is probably the louder than of them all and that's what put the sense in letters. Inside my mind there were thousand examples of(more)
In field of dreams
she grows
plants of love
they look like roses
with seed of hopeless romance.
Like the boulder
He stands solid
on the shore
She like waves
comes and kisses
his face (more)