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"Oh, you've not been published?" Eloise scoffed. "Well then, you can hardly call yourself a writer.”    

“What are you talking about?” I answered, meekly. “I write, therefore I am a writer.” I said, as if stating it as an axiom made it the case.    

Night is darkest just before dawn.
Day is brightest just before dusk.
The moon is lowest just before midnight.
The sun is lowest just before noon.

Which is a coincidence, because that was when I realised that some saying just make no sense.

Which is fitting, given(more)
I hate you.

It's not really your fault. If you leave any emotion for long enough, it eventually turns to hate.

Take love, for example. I loved my first girlfriend. But now, thirty-five years on from when we broke up, I see photos of her with her(more)
"You should just kick him where it hurts," Sarah said. She was always full of helpful suggestions.

"How would that help?" I asked, suppressing a smile.

"Well, he broke your heart, so you should break his dick in return," Sarah explained. "It's only fair, I mean y(more)
Ashes to ashes, falling like snow. Drifting, dancing in the wind to settle atop more ash, piling up, inches deep, never melting, never disappearing, burying the earth in dull grey, choking the rest of the life out of a dead world.
The man was tall. The tallest of the lot. She'd said he was tall. He wasn't fat, but he wasn't thin either, but then none of them were. One was a little heavier set than the others, one looked a little skinnier, a couple were a little chubby. He(more)
Crack open the world and see its insides.

See the vicious, savage beauty. See the beast upon which we walk.

See the lion chase down the antelope, the old, the sick, the slow antelope. the vulnerable one. It sinks its claws deep into the animal's flesh an(more)
Jenny was Sarah's favourite thing. You could tell because she had one eye missing, her right foot had been chewed and sucked beyond recognition and she was splitting at the seams, allowing the white, fluffy stuffing to spill out. Her mother had kept telling Sarah to get rid of(more)
My soul was for the taking. And the Devil didn't want it. That was his first mistake.

His second mistake was letting me walk out of Hell alive.
He was just so vain, my ex, so arrogant.

I remember when I first met him. He waltzed into the room, expecting all eyes to turn to him. He talked to me as though I already thought he was a god. There was a twinkle in his eyes(more)
In the aftermath of the apocalypse, I knew that just two things were true. That you were alive, and that I had to find you. I don't know how I knew you were alive, it was just inconceivable that you were not. Despite all the thousand and one inconceivable(more)
It was roadtrip time.

Every year we did this. When school broke up for the holidays and the rains arrived, we headed south. South. To where the summer is. My old man had a beach house on the Sunshine Coast. Beautiful. It would be barbies on the beach(more)
Daniel charged down the stairs, into the living room, over the sofa, around the tv (somehow not tripping over the web of wires connecting it to the wall), back out of the living room, into the kitchen, under the table, past the oven, out the back door, over the(more)
He needed to shave.

He rubbed is coarse, sand-paper chin and grimaced. As his hand passed over his mouth, his smelled the acrid smell of whiskey on his breath. His exposed armpit allowed the stench of his body odor to flood his nostrils.

He needed to shave.(more)