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They push me out into the blinding sunlight. For a second, I see only whiteness, corrupted by screams coming from every direction.  I try to focus on something other than the screaming. The clank of the chains around my ankles and wrists. I think of my baby, her drowsy yawn(more)
Scientists and tree enthusiasts call me Methuselah. But, my friends call me Pop.  I'm the oldest tree among our little community, 4844 years old to be exact and still counting. The other trees and I get along all right, but to be honest I don't get there jokes sometimes. I(more)
I keep having this idea in my mind. It plays itself over and over. It plays itself like a mini short film, only 30 seconds long.  I'm in a bar, one of those swanky Irish bars, where the bartender already knows your drink and whether your gonna have sex that(more)
He always chose his victims carefully; they had to have just the right amount of skip to their walk. Their blond hair had to bounce precisely at the moment their size 7 1/2 foot lifted off the ground. When he watched them it would all turn to slow motion(more)