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the desire for the empty road is not something that one can easily explain. i'm not even sure if its a desire to be on the move or the desire to be always moving. people talk, they talk about the journey and not the destination. but the destination is(more)
no execution, just form. raw untethered human proportions. we're a clumsy species, yet so beautiful, so very beautiful.
aint that all i want. aint that all anyone wants. when you cut things and persons down to the bone, want and need blur. and when you cut deep inside you realize that theres really nothing to it. people are simple. yet infinity layered. i like to think of(more)
routines kill. that much is certain. when you've been doing the same thing over and over it doesn't feel like you're in a circle, it feels like being on rails, receding into the distance. when you've been doing the same thing over and over day after day it doesn't(more)
something had to be left behind for anything to change. nothing comes for free, even the things that really matter.
i gave mine away freely, safe in the belief that it would not play a part in your decision. laid bare and cut open like the frog we dissected in sixth grade science class. it's not a wise move, to give without thought of want. but i didn't care,(more)
we were lying, you and i, atop a roof of glass. the stars, countless, over our heads, our worries laid bare beneath us. we talked of nothing important, yet words just seemed to come. the lights of further houses, shining yet forgotten. the smoke of cigarettes, drifting upwards, towards(more)
our sail of blood red crimson thrashed and flailed in the wind and rain, torrents of water doused upon us like arrows that bolted out the sun. i screamed at them to take it down, it would tear, it would break and then we would be done. the waters(more)
when you close your eyes everything somehow clicks into place. the darkness isn’t darkness to you because you never knew light. its not lonely and it doesn’t frighten you, you feel it like a lovers hand sliding across you waist and like the winds of a midsummer night. the(more)
announces you. defines you. unmakes you.
things you can do:

1. jump out of a plane without a parachute
2. watch the last airbender
when faced with the inevitable, remember that everything ends. one way or another.
and when i donned the facade i suddenly felt a strange sense of meaninglessness. as if i had only just put on my real face. and the little whispers started and the little voices sounded and the little angels fell one by one like flower pots on a balcony(more)
when i had it i kept it close. like buried gold. and i had it for so long, hidden from prying eyes for so long that it slowly lost its worth. until the day i held it to my heart and it crumbled away like ashes in the wind.(more)