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I stare weakly at the computer screen, disbelief taking root in my heart. Like that gut wrenching feeling you get right before you wake up from a nightmare. Only you are awake and the screen is telling you that you have failed your classes. You failed your classes and(more)
I remember his voice. His soft, gentle voice. Reminding me that I'm beautiful.

Our faces are too close, his warm nose smooshing against my cheekbone. But his strong arms are wrapped around me, keeping the chill of the air out of my blood. He whispers that he love(more)

Put down the rubber hose and turn off the gas. Turn on the light and tighten your tie; turn your collar up and seal the top button. Roll the hose up and place it back in the cabinet. Shut the door to the garage, climb the stair(more)
blistering contrast
between how I write and how
I think
poetry waits at prose's door
the day where I can unite them (more)
Have you ever noticed that from a distance, and viewd at the right angle, airplanes look like angels. The way their headlights (are they called headlights?) blend into one bright, beautiful creature that seems to serenely float through the night sky, approaching you, gently, as if asking for permission.(more)
As a child, my brother and I would play in the front driveway with our toys. Granted, he always had newer toys than I, he was older than me and I inherited a lot of things from him. The sweaters he outgrew and the miniature fire engines he grew(more)