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I guess it’s right to forget the wolves that encircle every bit of warmth,
to raise a glass and boldly cheer amidst the swirling jazz of youth.
It’s right to dismiss from memory all the nights sitting on the side of the street,
watching the lamplit crowds like frenzied(more)
Then there's Dennis. Dennis is about forty, but looks sixty; He's always red-faced and bears an uncanny resemblance to Robinson Crusoe. You can hear him coming up the block from a mile away, lolling his head left to and fro in blissful alcoholic reverie, loose change jingling against the(more)
When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time harassing anthills and  breaking things (what fun it was to control chaotic worlds), but what really drew me in was the allure of fire. It got bad enough that my mother would sit me down at least twice a(more)
i would've written something very vague and between the lines about some fleeting recollection of how her hand (but which her? it's a good thing poetry can be lazy) felt in mine -- safe and shy in my jacket pocket, or those split-second specks of treachery swimming in soft(more)
with each ticking and talking another piece falls up into the air, flying in search of a new dawn. floating, waiting, dying.

i didn't notice as it was happening -- it came quite naturally to sell this and trash that till there was nothing. then the emptiness sunk(more)
sometimes, in between sleep and wakefulness, a jackal creeps through my open window and peels away my skin like a candy wrapper.

does this happen to anyone else?

just around the bend, the gravel leads to a strange house, crooked on the side of a hill, wherein a woman lays in wait of death. i find her every morning out on the second story deck with a cup of something hot and the steam rising out of(more)
like a humble servant, i sat there nodding and undressing colleen smith, director of the sales department. with crisp and unwavering interview eyes, she went on and on about profit margins while i unbuttoned her MBA and groped around her sagging childhood. in one hand, i held her soft(more)
it's at that moment when you've reached almost three days of sobriety after a two month bender and you find yourself sitting in a little room with the birds chirping outside and the pipes under the floorboards leaking through the carpet, when you've tossed and turned all night masturbating(more)
long-term meteorological data collected at the university of iceland suggests that you enjoy being used
the radio said it was a nice day for a white wedding. we sped along the interstate in her little grey sedan, her right hand on mine. as the twilight came, it felt like a last meal more than anything else. we would not be seeing each other again.(more)
james carefully examined the smooth bed of stones near the shore of the lake before finding a nice flat one. he skipped it over the surface of the water, watching with pleasure as it bounced three or four times.

"nice," i said. (more)
there's wolves everywhere
you and your bad ideas
last time it was sharks
february sure is cold. "only a couple more months of winter, ayy," this guy's saying. i nod and we talk about the weather for a couple minutes before meditating on our separate sorrows. "one beer, two beers, three beers four, find myself a girl, hope she's not a whore."(more)