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the single eye towers twenty feet over any human pair. the cyclops's vision is unmatched, incomparable.
one month is all someone need to completely change.
i like chicken bones, because without them, there wouldn't be any chicken
rasp. rasp. the word scratches across your throat, as if coming from the depths of your body
some people may think growing up is from ages 0-18. but in reality, everybody is constantly growing up. everybody has new experiences, learns new things. and that's what growing up is.
i look up to the shimmering sky, the sun beating down in the sweltering desert. i lick my lips, but no saliva stays, leaving them bone-dry. i climb the towering sand dunes, searching, hoping for water. but i know my chances for surviving is merely an illusion...
the dark, ominous clouds thundered overhead. the wind began to pick up. the temperature dropped. hell was arising in the depths of the sky itself.
i am always wondering about the doughnut ad. top pot. a man with an anvil. colorful doughnuts aligned with a tempting taste. waiting to be eaten and letting the delectable flavor burst in your mouth...
what we thought about the toilet is not what it seems. the swirling wave of light blue water whirls down to be choked back up again. water pours out of hidden chambers to clean the mess you left. but it is more than just that... it is pure design.
the orphans kiss the ground, feeling the earth on their lips, touching the pure dirt and hoping, waiting for a new chance to begin.