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The screeching of the wheels against the pavement nearly drowned out my own screams as our driver took the corner at what must have been ninety-five miles an hour.  The jerk of the car as it came out of the turn and righted itself into something like a straight line(more)
The chains were of our own devising. We were never aware of it at the time, but we were forcing ourselves ever deeper into servitude, forging chains for our brothers when all the while we thought that we were freeing them. It is said that the road to hell(more)
"You mean I can make anything here?" Corvus asked. He had seen strong magic before, done a lot of it himself, and while the Dark Forge, if that's where this really was, seemed impressive in a lonely sort of way, he wasn't sure if it would live up to(more)
"3 minutes to target acquisition," the tech announced from the forward command console.

"Very good, Lieutenant," Captain Branscombe replied. "Keep me informed on the count."
From the one, the music. From the other, the words. Both we use to unlock the soul. Every day, we put new doors in the way, so many obstacles in front of who we really are.

The music: it creeps in under the cracks, sometimes touching us befor(more)