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Age with grace? Sure, but how? I've always known life to look better in the mind and sadder in the rearview mirror. I could on about the things I "could've done" but then I'd probably sound like every young, pissed off, shit my generation has spit out.
The last war was a good one. Not as great as the one before it, but it was a damn good one. Explosions, screams, blood-oh man was there blood! I forgot some of the details, but I believe this war had something to do with deciding whether things were(more)
The bell rang. Our poor teacher struggled to impart some final thoughts for the day over the rustle of students packing their bags. They galloped towards their freedom, reaching for the open air like they hadn't seen it for an age.
I was less figurative in my appreciation fo(more)
Louis had a bit of time before the train came, so he figured it was best to sit in his car and stare off into the distance. Was he thinking? Was he conscious by any attempt of definition? Certainly. Was he here? Not quite. Imagination had brought Louis back(more)
I'd never been a fan of Michael Douglas. A fine actor, yes. An interesting personality, sure. But something about the man made my skin crawl, like the thought of having one's teeth rubbed with a fine grit nail file. My eyelashes are desperately trying to meet as I type,(more)
It's amazing what a little sleep could do. In one night I managed to triple my investments. My twitter feed had practically grown legs and sprinted its way to Olympic Gold. My life could now be viewed in both full screen and similar diminished ratios. Casting forward and throwing(more)
A tap? Who would tap me now? Joe? Joe just wasn't funny enough to keep me entertained. Eric? Eric's dinner hadn't, well, agreed with him the other night. Steve had up and quit breathing two nights ago. So who would tap? My quiet little abode had been hidden enough.(more)