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The bullet was such a little thing, to break a world.  Clarke had never taken for granted the weight of every death she carried, but this one would shatter the foundations of the world.  The conflagration of this pyre would crack the earth's mantle and bury everyone upon it.  

My eyes burned as I stared at the boat, bobbing in the rushing waters.  I did not want to go to Mont Royale; I especially didn't want to do it alone.  But the situation in Yorktown was too dire - we needed information from the Mont Royale conclave, and Goro was(more)
It's not often you can point to a memory and go "There, that was a pivotal point in my history."  Those moments are like scars.  That is, knotty, raised lumps in your mind you touch frequently without realizing it.  When people ask, you say, "Oh, that's from the compound fracture I got(more)
"What do your people say about it?" Lila's breath form frosty clouds around her head, misty halos lit by a gaslamp glow.  The stars seemed arrayed around her, a living pastiche of those horrid saints icons Bytowners used for protection.
The instruments are laid out on clean white linen, gleaming in the light.  Sweat dribbles down the side of my neck, plastering my collar to me. Suffocating.  If I wasn't so goddamn stubborn, I'd have found someone willing to stand in, help me out till my rotator cuff tear healed. (more)
Lila's fingers were soft on my back, walking over the curve of my spine and tracing the history of my scars.

"I've never seen any animal like this," she said.  "A bearcat or puma could've made these scratches, but..." A light, brushing touch over the divot carved out of(more)
The sun hadn't risen, yet Ellen was sweating.  She reached out for Tyler, and felt only the scratch of wool and something... furry?

She sat up with a yell. "There's something in the boat!"  The blankets Ellen had shared with Tyler were a writhing swarm of glossy furry bodies. She(more)