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if you choose the right instance, you can listen to the lake melt. its soft sonance drips like a stream. soft, crisp ripples dribble in meager pools of frigid ice water thawed atop the solid slat of lake-sized ice sheet.
a view with a room.

i wanted to go by my middle name in a new, strange place but couldn't fathom the flesh of it. i couldn't picture myself on a proper adventure. hidden, instead, behind my lenses.

i couldn't have an original thought in my he(more)
there is nothing quite like the feeling of knowing someone who once loved you would not attend your funeral.
the train smelt like roadkill that had froze outside and been dragged into my car. the accessibility coach rep read the numbers of the cars that wouldn't open at eglinton station like a lottery draw. I didn't get it. I didn't get much. "first day of my life" started(more)
yesterday was easy until i realized i was easily replaceable. your layers of lost love used to appeal to me - thought i could reverse the trend and be a standout from your crowded crowd. i am a layer now. keep layering us on until we're buried so close(more)
why do we open up so easy? i'm not accustomed to this level of honesty. it instills a warm feeling to know the truth all the time. but then, some truths bring pain and sadness. trust builds and breaks with ongoing honesty. it builds stronger, breaks harder.
it was a planned one-night stand. but not for him. i appeared on the 10:30pm train and appeared in a hip bar in a semi-central location at 12:17pm and appeared on instagram at 12:59pm.

1:07pm rolls around and he texts me. (more)
we got rained out in the winter. my skin  thanked the warm, moist air and the tickling sun after rain shining through the glass.

pieces of stuff and things lay strewn around my room, dusty. why did I need all this stuff? no one can give any of this(more)
he wasn't ready for me. he met me at the cliff where reason eroded and dreams flew high. we rejoiced in sacred evenings crowded around a computer screen or gathered around a dying tealight at the dive by his house. i'd order a beer, he'd order a beer. i'd(more)
he used to play it for me when it was time to wave goodbye to the night. a song with his eyes whenever he knew he'd metamorphose into that side of himself.

darting eyes, darting eyes.
whispers of, "it's going to happen soon." (more)
"would he have made it if i didn't do those things?"

we're fine, i'm fine, you're fine, she's fine.

if i didn't know him, would i be moving out?
humans weren't created equally or evenly. throw em in the bone machine, like products on a conveyor belt. capitalism isn't so far away from our roots after all. it's all in the genetic makeup. sex is an act of consumer culture. we're always fighting for an easy finish. we're(more)
abrupt and pain-ridden, he was. i knew but couldn't disengage soon enough and was swallowed up instead. my safety was off. he was a gunshot.

he served himself up on a silver platter. my writer's bone tingled every time he told stories of homelessness on the coast or(more)
'there she goes again,' they said. blanket term, that 'they.' all her friends kept thinking she'd never get it right. pieces of optimism forming a round, melted glass pot so full in her arms, only to be stolen away by the sadness - always unknown to her but riding(more)