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He lies next to you, snoring. You gaze over at him, black curls framing his face. You smile. Damn, how'd I get you so lucky, you think to yourself.
Morning comes, there is no one next to you. Your head aches, your heart is pounding, you want to vomit.(more)
They don't call it fall for nothing. With the end of summer, there is a sense of death. The end of fun, freedom, days on end spent cavorting by the pool. You have responsibility in the fall. And impending death. Everyone always remarks on the beauty of the falling(more)
This year was going to be different. You were going off to college. A full ride, a bright future. No one to know about your shameful past. So what you made out with a cow? You were 12 and the popular girls dared you to. Some guys would do(more)
It glowed. Crackled. Danced. Like it was alive. Like it was human. You wanted to be its friend. Get to know it. Like it, love it. Its red hue tinged with blue was enticing. It was calling your name. You wanted to touch it, but you knew you couldn't.(more)
Permeated? No that wasn't the right word. It was more like enveloped. Unwittingly, unknowingly, he had enveloped her. Into his life, into his world, and into his bed. And it was the worst. She wanted out. But she was like a prisoner, bidding her time till freedom. And freedom(more)
What the fuck are we? Why do we avoid each other so damn much? It's like, hey I like you, you don't like me. I get it. I actually get it. But don't waste my time. Just tell me fucking things. Things I don't need to hear. Things I(more)
The water just lay there. Tantalizing him. It was a thousand degrees out. The sun was aggressively making out with his nose. He needed respite from the humidity. He gestured to his buddies to come over to the gate. They came within an inch of the gate and gawped(more)
His eyes were blue. And green. No, they were blue. You hated that you were already forgetting. A picture a year wasn't enough. You needed to see him more. All the pain, seeing him could be your simple reward. But it wasn't allowed, and you knew it. You made(more)
You go the kitchen table. You know it's a bad idea. There's a pile of empty dishes left over from last night, with traces of crumbs and stickiness. There's a swarm of flies descending upon it. Ick. Across from that unsightly mess, there's a pile of papers. One's a(more)
   Is this what drowning feels like?
       Droplets on your head.
          Until they're no longer droplets.
    The first time you hear it, you're four years old, bright eyed and innocent as a cherub. Your dad is shouting at your mom, throwing one of his huge anatomy books at her. She's crying, her raccoon like mascara staining her heavily painted face. He yells, "Fuck you, Mari!(more)
   Home is where your heart is. Bull fucking shit. Home is nothing but a lonely abode, full of vapid people and emotionless memories. Whoever said Disneyland was the greatest place on earth was full of shit. We live in a city of delusion. Nothing's good. Nothing will ever(more)
    The cake sits across from you. The hint of lavender (mmm, original!) peaks out from the many layers of rich chocolate and wafts through your nose. You can feel yourself buckling, giving into temptation. No, you must be strong willed! The cake wouldn't be worth it if you had(more)
  Post college, you think you've got life all figured out. You've got a kickass job, a fabulous apartment, and a wonderful boyfriend. 3 months later, you find out that job is actually kicking your ass, your apartment is too cramped and has major leakage, and your forgetful boyfriend forgot(more)
     When you're a kid, everything is fun. School rules, because all your friends are there, and you learn for learning's sake. Preschool and kindergarten are mostly a blur of coloring, singing songs and drinking juice. First grade isn't all that different, except now you have to learn how(more)