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It was a night with no moon, quite dark to be sure, but I would not have thought it particularly ominous. As we drove towards the coast, our headlights provided the only illumination. Yellow dashes swept past my side of the car, and the solid white stripe slipped along(more)
"So," the villainous Dr. P said with narrowed eyes and a sneer, "after all this time, now we meet."

"So it would seem," replied the tall, tweed clad protagonist, agent Black. "So it would seem. But here at last we find ourselves face to face."

"Many times(more)
It's not that he didn't want to speak. He had his opinions, fashioned over the course of years, and rehearsed ad nauseam on long solitary walks. He had listened to both sides on the radio, and decided for himself which to take with a grain of salt. He knew(more)
They say that the French language has about a dozen different words for Love, each expressing a subtle but distinct variation in the intricacies of affection. Or is it two dozen? Am I inflating this figure? I can't remember for sure. Maybe it's really German. No, that would be(more)
Like a child walking into school with a science project on a poster, I entered into the public square with my creation. I presented it for all to see, and then stood by and waited. I looked it over again, assessing it myself, trying to be objective. I found(more)
Samantha's lips. That's all I live for. To have her lips on me just once a day is enough for me; I can go on. The rest of my life is like languishing in a dark place, alone among a crowd of others I care nothing about. Waiting, just(more)
Greasy, gooey, half baked... perfect. The "Mega-Chip" was a six inch wide, half baked, fresh-out-of-the-oven-still-warm chocolate chip cookie that they sold for fifty cents.

It may well be my fondest memory of high school. (more)
National Opt In Day

We at the TSA would like to thank the American Flying Public for their cooperation and consideration leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. What has traditionally been a very challenging travel day for both our employees and the public had the potential to be(more)
I haven't been skiing lately, which is to say, the last few years. I've been broke. Independent of the greater economy, or reflective of it, my own personal economy has been poorly regulated by the governing body which should have exercised more oversight. And skiing is not cheap. (more)
You would think that fabric stores and senior citizens would go hand in hand, but such is not always the case. Jim visited five different places before he found one with a clerk who was sufficiently elderly. In maddeningly slow motion, she helped him pick out the fabric squares(more)
Jim was an essentially optimistic person by nature, but lately he had begun to feel that his favorite tee shirt was emblematic of his life as a whole. It was wearing thin, and fraying around the collar. Here and there a pinhole was opening up, and it had lost(more)
Another fantastic product: You!

New Years is fast approaching. Do you have your resolution ready? No? Perhaps you're tired of beating yourself up over the same old things. Loose weight, get in shape, save money. If you really wanted those things you would have them by now. (more)
SLIDE, A Screenplay
by Eddie "Slide" Mugglethorpe

It's a dark and stormy night; shots ring out, and somewhere someone screams. Out of the shadows, steps SLIDE. Tall, dark, and handsome, Slide scans up and down the street for signs of evildoers. He flips up the collar of his(more)
"Really. He died that way?"
"I don't think you can die from that." (more)
One can't hurt. It's not like we do this every day of the week. I know last time things got a little out of hand, but there were extenuating circumstances. Like, it was Friday night. And the bottles were there, just collecting dust. And lets face it, drunken Wii(more)