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It was not until the early morning hours that I was able to fall asleep, my hands and face still stinging although I had cleaned them the best I could. I slept fitfully for a couple of hours and then woke early Friday morning. My skin felt raw everywhere,(more)
It was a dusky Wednesday evening, and, Wednesday generally being my botany day, it dovetailed perfectly with my need to collect certain ingredients for the recipe I was preparing to try. My collaborator and I had travelled up to the foothills of Mt Hood to forage for some fresher(more)
It was late on a Thursday night, and, Thursday night being my alchemy night, I was deep in my supply room gathering tools and materials to begin working on a recipe that I had just gotten from the Voynich Manuscript. Although, I hesitate to overstate: I could not afford(more)
If it weren't bolted down I suppose someone would have stolen it by now. Smash and grab. Five finger discount. Whatever you chose to call it when you thought no one was looking.

If you create something meant to be given to the world, letting go is part(more)
     This bunker stinks of sweat and fear. It's humid and filthy, and even though it's keeping us alive it's also killing us. Someday, if we're lucky, we might go back out into the fresh air; but I don't know if we will ever really be alive again. (more)
I wasn't shot today, and for this I am truly grateful. I've seen enough television to know, it looks painful. At least most of the time. At other times it just makes you angry, sort of helps focus the mind so you can do what you need to do(more)
1. I wonder why I can't figure out what to do with this prompt. I'm not complaining, mind you; I'm sure it's me. Maybe I'm just too tired.

2. I wonder why I'm so tired. Getting to bed at one in the morning probably has something to do(more)
"What's your handle?"

Maybe no one ever really talked like that. Except in the movies. There was a time, though, at least in the pop culture imagination, when every long haul trucker wore flannel plaid and 501's and one of those foam and mesh John Deere hats And(more)
Toxic is really too strong a word for it. "Mildly poisonous" is closer to the truth, but it lacks character. It sounds like something that causes a topical rash, not something that's truly detrimental to your life.

Allergen might come the closest. An allergen can be mildly irritating,(more)
they say that patience is a virtue; but of course, they say a lot of things... and i'm not a particularly good listener

actually, i am a good listener; i just have the memory of a goldfish. i can listen like nobody's business, all day long if need(more)
Who isn't having a good time? What's not to like? I know, I know, you want more. You want fulfillment. Well, we don't always get everything; now do we. Isn't the world enough, you need whirled peas too?

I'm the one who isn't having a good time. Too(more)
Ticks frighten me. I've never had one, but that's possibly due to the fact that I rarely leave home.    

It's one thing to have my life force drained from me, as by a mosquito; but they basically use a straw. Anything crawling up my leg, into my groin,(more)
As soon as I stepped into the living room, I knew we had our man. Everything fit, textbook. And there, on the mantle, was a row of five little boxes. One for each victim.  

In each one was a lock of hair. His fingerprints would be on the(more)
Part of me, a large part of me, wishes I could spend a lot more time writing. Like, pretty much all of my time. If it weren't for that pesky job, and sleep. So much time wasted on sleep. I should just write instead. I might get better! (more)
I took a deep breath, and lay there, looking at the ceiling. My hands throbbed, but I could feel my heart rate returning to normal. My eyes were wet, still, but I could see better now. I felt like I could see through everything.