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You crawl under my skin
Invading my thoughts, my space, my breathe
You take control of me and my thoughts
Become our thoughts

Distance makes you detestable (more)
Some people say I have an unhealthy relationship with the written word. I simply say I tread the thin line between lust and love. I tiptoe carefully, hoping to fall to one side, daring to fall to the other.
I've always appreciated the power of words. Even as (more)
Soft skin and rosy cheeks
Small waist, don’t waste
Away your youth
Tick tock chimes time
- Fear it, they say
Harsh sun and white skin (more)
I stand stagnant.

My muscles are locked tight, and the only movement I can feel is a slight trembling. I'm exhausted, but still I stand.
Innocence. Soft and warm and lush
Spun threads and tangled webs
Dying to shed the shell that holds you back
Desperate to prove your worldly wiles

Truth. As innocence will accept no less (more)